What is Your Personal Injury Case Worth? Here are 20 Variables You Need To Consider

1. Was the Defendant in your Personal Injury Case Negligent?

Recovering any type of damages in a Florida Personal Injury lawsuit based upon negligence is something you have to prove first before going any further.  The defendant must be at fault and his carelessness must be the cause of your injury. If the defendant is not proven negligent, then you cannot recover damages in this way. Photo’s, Video, witnesses and phone records will most likely be needed to prove your case.

texting while driving photo
Texting while driving is Negligence
Bankruptcy stamp
Previous Bankruptcy ?


2. Learn if filing for bankruptcy has an affect on your personal injury case.

Find out how a bankruptcy can effect your personal injury case. Get the facts that you need to know ahead of time and be prepared. If you have ever had a bankruptcy then how long ago was it? Were you married at the time or single. How much debt were you in? These things may have an impact on the value of your case if the defense attorney sheds light on this issue.

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